We offer a multitude of St. Clair brand products for your restaurant and foodservice needs. We also offer custom-formulated products and private label products, and we will work with you to create the best product to fulfill your customers' needs.

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Frozen Entrees and Side Dishes

Salad Dressings, Dips and Sauces

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Classic Chilled Salads Pack Sizes:
     Baked Potato Salad 1/12 Lb. and 2/12 Lb.
     American Potato Salad 2/12 Lb.
     Mustard Potato Salad 2/12 Lb.
     Homestyle Mustard Potato Salad 2/12 Lb.
     Steakhouse Mustard Potato Salad 2/12 Lb.
     Classic Potato with Egg 2/12 Lb. and 1/32 Lb.
     Classic Potato without Egg 2/12 Lb. and 1/32 Lb.
     Southern Potato with Egg 1/32 Lb.
     Red Skin Potato Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Deviled Egg Potato Salad 1/12 Lb.
     Tri Potato Salad 1/12 Lb.
     German Potato Salad 1/12 Lb.
     Creamy Cole Slaw 2/11 Lb.
     Dixie Slaw 2/11 Lb.
     Short Shred Cole Slaw 1/11 Lb. and 2/11 Lb.
     Oil and Vinegar Cole Slaw 1/11 Lb.
     BBQ Beans 2/12 Lb. and 1/30 Lb.
     Chicken Salad Spread 2/5 Lb.
     Chunky Chicken 2/5 Lb.
      Deli Style Chicken Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Premium Chicken Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Chicken Salad Supreme 2/5 Lb.
     Chicken Salad with Pecans 2/5 Lb.
     White Meat Chicken Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Chunky Ham 2/5 Lb.
     Ham Salad Spread 2/5 Lb.
     Deli Style Tuna Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Deluxe Tuna Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Tuna Salad Spread 2/5 Lb.
     Carrot and Raisin Salad 1/12 Lb.
     Egg Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Pimento Cheese 2/5 Lb.
     Macaroni Salad 2/12 Lb.
     Steakhouse Macaroni 2/12 Lb. and 1/12 Lb.
     Seafood Salad 2/5 Lb.
Pasta and Garden Salads  
     Italian Pasta Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Bow Tie Pasta 2/5 Lb.
     California Pasta 2/5 Lb.
     Greek Feta Pasta 2/5 Lb.
     Honey Mustard Pasta 2/5 Lb.
     Pasta Salsalini 2/5 Lb.
     Ziti Florentine 2/5 Lb.
     Cucumber and Onion 2/5 Lb.
Frozen Entrees and Side Dishes  
     Baked Potato Casserole 4/4.75 Lb
     Beef Chili with Beans 4/5 Lb.
     Broccoli, Rice& Cheese Casserole 4/4.75 Lb
     Chicken and Dumplings 4/5 Lb.
     Cinnamon Apples 4/5 Lb.
     Corn Souffle 4/4.75 Lb
     Cornbread Dressing 4/4.75 Lb
     Dutchcrust Sweet Potato Casserole 4/4.75 Lb
     Green Bean Casserole 4/4.75 Lb
Salad Dressings, Dips, Desserts and Sauces  
     Ranch Dressing 4/1 Gal.
     Blue Cheese Dressing 4/1 Gal.
     Cheese and Wine Dressing 4/1 Gal.
     Honey Mustard Dressing 4/1 Gal.
     Salsa-Mild 4/1 Gal.
     Salsa - Spicy 4/1 Gal.
     Spinach Dip 2/4.5 Lb.
     TN Caviar 1/12 Lb.
     Tri Bean Salad 2/5 Lb.
     Pineapple Nut Delight 2/5 Lb.
     Pistachio Cream 2/5 Lb.
     Tropical Fruit Supreme 2/5 Lb.
     Cranberry Relish 2/5 Lb.