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06.25.09 - The South's Best Potato Salad.  If black eyed peas bring prosperity, tuna casserole is meant to solace grief, and oysters signal lust, what emotion is mixed into a bowl of potato salad? -more-

01.01.09 - Potato Plant.  The preferred item on my workplace lunches -- Schnucks-brand mustard potato salad -- is conceived right here in this nondescript warehouse on the Elvis side of town. Memphis Business Quarterly.  -more-

10.23.08 - At St. Clair Foods, it's a family affair.  A eye-opening trip to St. Clair Foods. Memphis, Flyer. -more-

10.06.08 - St. Clair Foods in expansion mode. Production to hit 20 million pounds of potato salad. Memphis Business Journal. -more-

09.19.08 - St. Clair Expands in Rough Economy. St. Clair Foods is embarking on a multimillion-dollar expansion to accommodate growth. Memphis Daily News. -more-

  When St. Clair Foods began operation in 1976 in Memphis, Tennessee, we quickly became known for our four signature salad dressings, which were favorites among Memphians and around the Mid-South. From the initial retail offerings of those dressings, St. Clair has grown to become one of the premier foodservice providers in the industry. We continue to make our famous Blue Cheese, Honey French, Ranch, and Thousand Island and now offer hundreds of different products including classic chilled salads, pasta and garden salads, dips, frozen entrees and side dishes, and of course, salad dressings. In addition, our custom-formulated products and private label products continue to be a rapidly growing segment of our business. St. Clair will work directly with you to develop a product that meets your desires and specifications.

The constant expansion of our product lines and development of new processing techniques are necessary to stay one step ahead of customer demands and consumer trends. While striving to meet ever-changing consumer preferences, St. Clair continues to manufacture products with the original superior standards of quality.

Here at St. Clair, "Quality is our main ingredient." We use the finest ingredients in all our products to ensure that you, the consumer, get the best product possible. For the delectable tastes and variety brought to your menu, for the consistent quality and convenience we provide your foodservice staff, contact St. Clair today.

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